How to Stretch Your MLM Success Stories’ Value

MLM success stories are one of the most effective tools that you can share. However, they can quickly grow stale in one format. There are ways to keep the value going strong and this material will cover some details. Have you read or watched a story and wished you could see it in another format? If you said yes, then you know that great stories have a great impression on the reader. So by understanding the value, we can then look at recycling the story in various ways to keep it going strong. Plus, reducing the need for fresh material.

Common styles for MLM success stories…

There are common formats that you will see MLM success stories published in. These formats include text and videos as the most popular. Blogs are the number one text format used for the stories. Even though there are articles and guides used as well. Still graphics such as photos are becoming the go to share small bits from a story. While its easy to write or create a video for the story. This is not enough to stand out in the crowd anymore. Even if you push advertising money behind it.

Getting creative with your MLM success stories

Now here comes the fun part for all of your MLM success stories. Its time to get creative with them. You can do other formats that could lead your prospects to your blog and other information. One way is to use images with selected quotes from the story itself. You can also do memes and gifs as well for short bursts. PowerPoints are still a wonderful way to share the material. You can add a narrative or background music for the slide deck.

Other ways that you retell or tell your MLM success stories include podcasts, eBooks and as a case study. There are a variety of ways to share your stories in many different ways. This also increases the lifespan for the story and help will creative issues. Some formats may be more effective than others. Just be aware of your audience and their needs. They will respond if you publish the right story and at the right time. Do not forget to spread your stories across your social channels. Recycle and keep your social updates relevant to your goals and you will grow. Thank you for reading. Much more coming soon to help you find success.

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